Tulip Watercolor Brush

Tulip Watercolor Brush is a diligently hand-crafted brush: using premium sable hair in the brush, fine ebony as the body, bovine bone as the cap, a true master piece among the watercolor brushes.
Tulip Watercolor Brush has strong water absorption, natural resilience and perfect point, making the brush suitable for large area work as well as painting of fine details. Tulip Watercolor Brush is an extraordinary all-rounded watercolor brush.

Brush dimensions: 218mm x 12mm / Brush size: UK size 9

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Liu’s Series Brush

Liu’s series features watercolor brushes that adopts both the characteristics of a round and flat brush. A design that is two-in-one, both brushes achieve a fitting balance between water absorption, elasticity and flexibility. Through rigorous testing, improvements and enhancements, it is built to be equally suitable for painting large watercolor washes and fine details – a truly exceptional series.


After the brush is absorbed with water, slightly drag the edge of the water container to sharpen the point of the hair, creating an intricate tip. Then you can paint the fine details and lines.

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Piccolo Watercolor Brush

Using premium squirrel hair as the brush, Piccolo Watercolor Brush has great water absorption and strong resilience. Enhanced brush-point technique in the brush making process enabling the brush to be used for large area work as well as painting of fine details. Piccolo Watercolor Brush is an excellent all-rounded watercolor brush.

Brush dimensions: 201mm x 14mm / Brush size: UK size 12

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Accordion Watercolor Brush

Accordion is a dedicated watercolour brush for Plein air. Using premium sable hair from the cold area, Accordion has great water absorption as well as excellent resilience.
Accordion is a “must have” watercolour brush for Plein air lovers!


Brush dimensions: 110mm x 10mm / Brush size: UK size 6

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 218 × 12 mm