Liu's Series Brush

Liu’s series features watercolor brushes that adopts both the characteristics of a round and flat brush. A design that is two-in-one, both brushes achieve a fitting balance between water absorption, elasticity and flexibility. Through rigorous testing, improvements and enhancements, it is built to be equally suitable for painting large watercolor washes and fine details - a truly exceptional series. After the brush is absorbed with water, slightly drag the edge of the water container to sharpen the point of the hair, creating an intricate tip. Then you can paint the fine details and lines.

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Usage & Maintenance

When the brush is first being used, loosening of some brush hair may occur. This is regarded as normal situation due to the final procedure of the brush making: the brush maker will use scissors to trim the pointed shape of the brush. Some short and fragmented brush hair may therefore be trapped inside the brush leading to the brush hair loosen which may affect writing or painting. This situation, however, could be avoided by going through the preparation process before using the brush. Preparation process before using the brush Before using the brush, use the thumb to press on the dry brush hair and rub gently in order to remove the fragmented brush hair and glue. Wash the brush hair with warm water for 3 to 5 minutes. Then use tissue paper to absorb the water from the brush hair and the brush will be ready to use. Washing the brush Do not immerse the entire brush into the water during the wash, as this act will make the rod as well as the connection between the brush hair and the rod becoming fragile. Hence, need only to wash the brush hair.The brush hair has to be cleaned thoroughly, as the residual ink or paint will cause great harm to the brush hair. The brush shall be hanging vertically with the brush tip pointing downward after cleaning while letting the brush wind-dry naturally, to avoid the residual ink or paint being flowed towards the rod and hence causing mold or loosening of the brush hair.The unique cap design of the "Ocean-i" brush can prevent the split or mold growing over the brush hair. It is recommended to place the brush with camphor ball and desiccant to prevent the brush being damaged by moth if it is not in use for a long period.


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